Directors and Officers


headshot of Peter Hui

Peter Hui

View Peter Hui's Bio


headshot of Phillip Thong

Phillip Thong

Vice Chairman
View Phillip Thong's Bio

headshot of Robert Franko

Robert Franko

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headshot of Roshan Bhakta

Roshan Bhakta

View Roshan Bhakta's Bio

headshot of Homer Chan

Homer Chan

View Homer Chan's Bio


Max Freifeld

View Max Freifeld's Bio

headshot of James Gray

James Gray

View James Gray's Bio


headshot of Thomas Iino

Thomas Iino

View Thomas Iino's Bio

headshot of Fred Jensen

Fred Jensen

View Fred Jensen's Bio


headshot of Luis Maizel

Luis Maizel

View Luis Maizel's Bio

headshot of Pravin Pranav

Pravin Pranav

View Pravin Pranav's Bio


headshot of Maria Salinas

Maria Salinas

View Maria Salinas' Bio


headshot of Robert Franko

Robert Franko

President/Chief Executive Officer
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headshot of Lynn Hopkins

Lynn Hopkins

EVP/Chief Financial Officer
View Lynn Hopkins' Bio

headshot of Yolanda Su

Yolanda S. Su

EVP/Chief Operations Administrator
View Yolanda Su's Bio

headshot of Yvonne Chen

Yvonne Chen

EVP of Finance
View Yvonne Chen's Bio

headshot of Gene May

Gene May

EVP/Chief Credit Officer
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